Demobalk seminars
The population of the Balkans at the dawn of the 21st century 21-21 October
21.10.2015 - 24.10.2015 Ohrid, Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia (FYROM)
The fifth conference witch was organized in collaboration with the Skopje Institute of Economics brought together 90 demographers, statisticians and population specialists. Its ambition was to take advantage of the dissemination of the results of the censuses of the 2010 round to draw up a demographic overview of the region at the beginning of this century and draw attention to the major trends and their effects in medium and long terms.
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2. Conference Program
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6. Communicators – Participants
7. Plenary Session, Demographic Developments in the Balkan countries - Fakiolas Rossetos, Greece
8. Paper, Low fertility in Serbia: new insights - Mirjana RAŠEVIĆ, Institute of Social Sciences, Demographic Research Centre, Serbia
9. Paper, Fertility Changes in the Balkan Countries - main features and challenges of the below-replacement fertility – Verica JANESKA, Aleksandra LOZANOSKA, University „Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, Institute of Economics – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
10. Paper, Assessing the quality of the Croatian migration statistics - Ivan ČIPIN, Department of Demography, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb; Sanja KLEMPIĆ BOGADI, Department for Migration and Demographic Research, Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies; Petra MEĐIMUREC, Department of Demography, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia
11. Paper, Continuity and Change: Demographic and Socio-Economic Effects of Forced Migration on Serbia - Vesna LUKIĆ, Institute of Social Sciences - Demographic Research Centre, Serbia
12. Paper, Mesurer l’apport démographique de l’immigration étrangère - Michèle TRIBALAT, INED, France
13. Paper, Influence of Workers’ Remittances on alleviation of Current Account Reversals in the Western Balkans - Silvana MOJSOVSKA, Vesna GEORGIEVA SVRTINOV, University „Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, Institute of Economics – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
14. Paper, Recent Immigration from Serbia to Italy: The Beginning of New Tradition? - Enrico TUCCI, ISTAT; Cecilia REYNAUD, University Roma Tre, Italy; Vladimir NIKITOVIĆ, Institute of Social Sciences-Demographic Research Centre, Serbia
15. Paper, Balkan Countries in the World: Ageing Process within the Age Structural Transition - Sara GRUBANOV-BOŠKOVIC, Maria CARELLA, University of Bari „Aldo Moro”, Italy
16. Paper, Do seniors live alone in the Balkans? – A comparative study of the household situation of elderly persons in Republic of Serbia and European Union - Marija MUCIĆ, Snežana LAKČEVIĆ, Ljiljana DJORDJEVIĆ, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, Serbia
17. Paper, Ageing of baby boom generation in Serbia – past, present and future - Jelena STOJILKOVIĆ GNJATOVIĆ, Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade; Ljiljana SEKULIĆ, Statistical Office of Republic of Serbia, Serbia
18. Paper, Mortality in Serbia - Biljana RADIVOJEVIĆ, University of Belgrade, The Faculty of Economics; Ivan MARINKOVIĆ, Institute of Social Sciences, Demographic Research Center, Serbia
19. Paper, Life expectancy in Croatia in terms of elimination of certain causes of death – Ivan ČIPIN, Šime SMOLIĆ, Petra MEĐIMUREC, Department of Demography, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia
20. Paper, Mortality trends and prospects of the life expectancy at birth in Macedonia: The specifics and future assessments – Goran MILADINOV, Republic of Macedonia
21. Paper, L’évolution de la mortalité de la Grèce en état de crise – Stamatina KAKLAMANI, Département de philosophie et d’études sociales, Faculté de philosophie, Université de Crète; Georges KOTSIFAKIS, Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL.STAT), Grèce
22. Paper, Suicides in Serbia after the time of conflicts and during the transition period of the early 21st century - Goran PENEV, Biljana STANKOVIĆ, Institute of Social Sciences, Demographic Research Center, Serbia
23. Paper, Recent developments in mortality and health status in the Balkan Peninsula -Konstantinos ZAFEIRIS, Laboratory of Anthropology, Department of History and Ethnology, Democritus University of Thrace; Christos SKIADAS, ManLab. Technical University of Crete, Greece
24. Paper, Infant mortality in the Republic of Macedonia – Aleksandra LOZANOSKA, Verica JANESKA, University „Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, Institute of Economics – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
25. Paper, Recompositions territoriales dans l’Albanie post-communiste : la métropole au détriment des régions? - Alain JARNE, Martin SCHULER, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
26. Paper, Return to the Rural in Greece during the last decade: a methodological approach of the potential spatial patterns - Eugenia ANASTASIOU, Marie-Noëlle DUQUENNE, University of Thessalie, Ldsa, Greece
27. Paper, Population distribution in Albania and Kosovo: a comparative analysis on urban population and its classification based on administrative and non-administrative criteria - Roberto BIANCHINI, Interuniversity Research Center for Sustainable Development/Italian Geographic Society, Italy; Ervin SHAMETI, Institute of Statistics of Albania, Cartography and GIS Unit, Albania; Idriz SHALA, Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Cartography and GIS Unit, Kosovo
28. Paper, Une approche alternative de la mesure de l’attractivité, en privilégiant les indicateurs démographiques - Marie-Noëlle DUQUENNE, Université de Thessalie, Lads; Stamatina KAKLAMANI, Département de Philosophie et des Études Sociales, Faculté de Philosophie, Université de Crète, Grèce
29. Paper, Population trends in Kosovo 1948-2014, Arijeta SOJEVA, Kosovo Agency of Statistics
30. Poster, Some features of the population natural growth in the Republic of Macedonia - Mirjanka MADJEVIKJ, Biljana APOSTOLOVSKA TOSHEVSKA, Marija LJAKOSKA, University „Ss. Cyril and Methodius”in Skopje Faculty of Natural sciences and mathematics, Institute of Geography
31. Poster, The factors of fertility decline in Vojvodina province-case study of Sremska Mitrovica - Milica SOLAREVIĆ, Branislav ĐURĐEV, Jelena DUNJIĆ, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science, Department for Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management
32. Poster, Fertility differentials and determinants of lowering fertility in the Republic of Macedonia - Anica DRAGOVIĆ, Amalia JOVANOVIĆ, Marija DRAKULOVSKA CHUKALEVSKA, University „Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, University Faculty of Philosophy-Institute for Sociology
33. Poster, The age-specific relation between fertility and female economic activity: Evidence from Serbia - Mirjana DEVEDŽIĆ, Natalija MIRIĆ, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography, Department of Demography
34. Poster, Socio-demographic changes of households in the municipality of Aleksandrovac in the period from 1948 to 2011 - Jelena DUNJIĆ, Milica SOLAREVIĆ, Bojan ĐERČAN, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science, Department for Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management
35. Poster, Family development across regions in Albania: trends and patterns in demographic and social behavior - Lantona SADO, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy; Emira GALANXHI, Social Statistics Department, National Institute of Statistics, Albania
36. Poster, Looking ahead: the use of prospective analysis to highlight the population ageing consequences - Gordana VOJKOVIĆ, Vera GLIGORIJEVIĆ, Ivana MAGDALENIĆ, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography
37. Poster, Famille et solidarités dans les pays des Balkans - Khalid ELJIM, Université de Bordeaux, France; Alain PARANT, INED, France
38. Poster, The main characteristics of the demographic development and the spatial distribution of population in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Radoslav COROVIĆ, Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
39. Poster, Regional differences in demographic changes in the Republika Srpska and Balkan countries – Dara PETKOVIĆ, Republika Srpska Institute for Statistics (RSIS)
40. Book of abstract
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